No Progress Yet

This is a report of nothing much being done in the garden so far. I’ve not event sorted out my seeds for this year or any sort of planting plan. I have at least managed to keep putting the kitchen scraps into the composters, but those trips have essentially been my only visits down the garden.

The weather has been a lot better – some day have even reached 10degC but I’ve just had too many other things to do….

I may get round to sorting out seeds next week.

The birds have been fairly active though, appreciating the milder weather. The seed feeders have been active – and I was filling one of them this morning suddenly there was movement inside – and inside was a mouse! I think it had managed to get in but then couldn’t squeeze out (maybe eaten too much?) – see picture below. I let it out and it rapidly headed for cover seemingly no worse for wear – well it wouldn’t have starved, there was plenty of seed left.

Mouse in feeder

Mouse in seed feeder

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