Can’t Really Call It Progress Yet

Well I’ve cleared the main path and looked around and was depressed by the amount to do…
I did manage to put a cover over the rhubarb to force it for some spring stalks.
The big thing at the moment is that I have obtained the bits to allow me to connect up the greenhouse to power, plus a couple of heated units for seeds – all I have to do is actually do the work to connect up now.

I have put some seed potatoes out to chit now (Kestrel, second early) plus some called ‘Mayan Gold’ – supposed to be a bit like sweet potato – we’ll see. They were already starting to sprout so my problem is going to be how long (just listening to the Eagles playing that – what a coincidence) I can wait before plating them out (I’m going to try the planter containers again) especially as we may still have frosts for at least a month yet – they may have to go into the greenhouse initially.

See below for the state of the patch that needs sorting out first ready for the beans (section B):

Section B before preparation

Where the beans will go....


Note the rather sad broccoli plants top right – not a single head of broccoli appeared on them.

To the right of the picture is a high holly hedge that needs some trimming first and to the left is the old pear tree that is going to be pruned as well so more light can get to this rather shaded plot. So all that has to be done before I start digging…..

Meanwhile, a big disaster with the windy weather a week ago – the rather old Ceanothus shrub near the house, which was on its last legs, blew down and just about took out the Buddleia bush next to it as well. From the birds point of view this is a major disaster as the old rather crowded branches of the Ceanothus were perfect for the sparrows and tits to hang about in and the Buddleia was what the feeders were hanging from. So I have tied up the Buddleia (it had split but not broken) and so far the shoots on it seem to sho no sign of dying – so the feeders are back. I’ve also stood some of the old branches of the Ceanothus up against the hedge in the place where the main shrub was and it looks as if the birds have got used to slightly lees undergrowth.

The next problem is what to replace it with – something that grows fast and has plenty of branches would be best….

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