Are Greenhouses Electric?

Well mine is now – yes it is connected up and what’s more I have two propagators with seeds in them already. So to those wondering – progress has been taking place not only in the greenhouse but also in the garden.

So, in the greenhouse I have broad beans in pots (cold) – they’ve been in a week now but no signs,. Mind it as been pretty cold, mostly below 5deg during the day for the last few days. I’ve also got some broad beans in pots inside one of the propagators also some aubergines and basil. inside the other propagator I’ve got some tomato seeds in pots. So I’m trying to get ahead of the game but we’ll see if anything comes through.#

I’ve had to deal with a mouse problem in the greenhouse first though, four at the last count and I think there still might be another (you might recall mice eat a lot of my beans in pots last year).

Outside – well I trimmed the central pear tree down much more so the plot designated for beans should get much more light now. I ended up with large piles of branches etc. of course but two good bonfires this week to care of most of the prunings. So I’ve been able to get on with digging in section ‘B’ where the beans will go and more of half that is done. Also, I’ve prepared part of section A and planted some onion setts left over from last year. See photo below of section B after:

Section B progress

Section B - started digging

The mouse near the house has made another appearance that we’ve seen – once again rushing out to collect some of the bread set out for birds, but also climbing up to get into the bird feeder again (and I had to ‘persuade’ it out). The blackbirds have been around most of the time, the male being almost always hanging around when I’m in the garden and totally unafraid. The long-tailed tits have reappeared and in the last couple of days starlings, so all the signs of spring are here.
See the mouse again below:

mouse collecting crumbs

Mouse again

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