Is Spring Sprung?

Well there are signs that it is Springish – see pics below. The weather has certainly been mild the last few days with sunshine even – in contrast to Scotland where they’ve been hit with snow and blizzards… typical UK weather, several seasons in the same country simultaneously.

Any road up as they say, I have got some more digging done, and even filled two trenches with compost in section B ready for the climbing beans. Section A is about two-thirds dug now and other bits of tidying etc. means the garden looks a  bit more presentable now.

In the greenhouse, one of the propagators has at least managed to look useful – the basil seeds are coming up now, plus the broad beans are coming through. The’ cold’ broad beans show no sign yet – hopefully they haven’t been got by mice (final score 6, no more for the last 3 days so maybe they have been eradicated). I have sown some salad seeds in a container in the greenhouse just to see if I can get some early salad leaves, so we’ll see if that works.

So here’s the state of play in pictures:

Section A mostly dug

Section A - mostly dug


Section B - almost done

Section B - almost done (bean trenches were between the flagstones)

The rhubarb has been coming on – ‘forced’ under an old bin – almost ready for a pie! (there is a cover over the top normally)

Forced rhubarb

Forced Rhubarb


The real signs of spring in the ‘wild’ section at the bottom of the garden:


The first Celandine

A typical sign of spring – primroses:



PrimrosesFinally, the goldfinches are back and going through the nyjer seed at a rapid rate, and a blackcap has been visiting the bird table during the last few days.Below is our resident blackbird – came down to have a look after I’d raked over section B:

'Our' Blackbird

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