I’ve Done Plenty of Nothin’

Yes, despite all the best of intentions I Haven’t got any further since the last post – apart from dealing with the propagators. The digging has not proceeded at all, too many other things to do….

However, the ‘cold frame’ now has the broad bean seedlings in and hopefully next week they can be planted, I have a cloche over the row already for them.

In the propagators some tomatoes are through (Ailsa Craig), basil, a couple of aubergines and one or two more broad beans.

I’ve also planted another batch of around a dozen broad beans in pots just ‘cold’ in the greenhouse. I say cold in quotes as temperatures outside have been in the mid to upper teens (deg C) and inside the greenhouse hot enough to open the automatic window stays.

Plenty of birds around though. I’ve seen the blackbirds collecting nesting material and the goldfinches have been busy on the nyjer seed, as well as blackcaps visiting the bird table eating the remains of a christmas pudding  (it seems to go down well and has kept the birds busy for over a week now), The celandines are well and truly, out and a few cowslips are showing now. To cap the impression of spring I saw a butterfly yesterday (a sulphur yellow I think).

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