Got My Spade Workin’

Yes, there has been action in the garden. I’ve finished digging over section A and section B is just about done.

In the greenhouse the seedlings are coming on fine as well as some salad plants sown in a container. No more broad beans through yet though it looks as though there will be some soon. I have assumed the warm weather will continue and planted some climbing french beans in pots in the greenhouse along with some mangetout peas.

Outside I’ve sown some carrots (Nantes early) and radishes in section A N end, and in the patch below the kitchen window some more salad seeds (mizuno & mustard).

On top of that I’ve made the first harvest of the year – rhubarb, so it’s pie this week. Plus I’ve mown the lawn…. Now that’s what I call progress!

Harvested Rhubarb

My First Harvest of the Year


Section A after digging

Section A - note bottom LH is where seeds have been planted


Section B dug over

Section B dug over - note Broad Bean seedlings nearest to camera

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