I Got Sunshine

Indeed, this afternoon the temperature has reached 23DegC! Amazing, of course I had to spend some time in the greenhouse which was cooking inside even with both auto-vents fully extended.

So where do we stand – well digging of section C is in progress with over 25% done now. The broad bean seedlings are coming on mostly ok, though some signs of pigeon damage has meant I’ve deployed a set of CD scarers over then. Meanwhile I’ve sown some more salad leaves in section A (northern margin) and some of the mustard near the kitchen is coming through.

The basil seedlings are in the ‘cold fram’ now and I’ll put then in the area near the kitchen probably next week.

Inside the greenhouse, looks like there are about 7 broad bean seedlings going to be ready soon, there are potentially a few more but to be sure I planted another 8 (Longpod) today. The climbing french beans are through (at least some of them) but again to be sure I’ve planted another four today. Added to these are the mangetout peas just showing themselves, and I’ve also planted a few more to be sure of another row.

The other day I planted some small tomatoes (name….) since all I’ve got through at the moment are about half a dozen Ailsa Craig. Also some more sweet peppers (name…) as there are only a couple of the original sowing that have come through. Finally I’ve planted some ‘Italian’ parsley as the surly leaved type outside the kitchen is growing fine so it would be good to have some flat-leaved type as well – supposed to germinate more easily as well.

I also planted some parsnip seeds out side – not had much success before so we’ll see.

The bee-flies are around now so it must be spring, and I saw a blue butterfly….

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