Mr Blue Sky

Section C – mostly dug over

This is quite worrying, blue skies and bright sunshine at this time of the year – temp up to 25degC today – it bodes ill I tell ee Jim lad…..

Anyway, I was out there today taking advantage – although it was almost too hot in the greenhouse. So what’s bin did and what’s bin hid?

Well the potatoes are almost all planted after chitting for ages in the house. I’m using the growing containers (sacks really) again if only because I have them so might as well. Only 2 varieties this year, Kestrel (2nd early) and ‘Mayan Gold’ a variety that’s supposed tobe a bit like sweet potato. As all there were too many Kestrel potatoes to fit into the containers (4, and I’ve put 6 in each – one has Maya in). I’ve planted a row in section A near the greenhouse (some Kestrel and 3 Maya) – as it is in shadow during the middle of the day it stays relatively damp, which may help. I’m using mostly new compost in the containers as I’m not sure about reusing last years (anyone know whether it should be reused with potatoes?). I’ve still got four left to put somewhere…

One lot of broad bean seedlings are now in the ‘cold frame’ waiting to be planted out and another batch are coming through nicely in the greenhouse. The climbing french beans I planted a couple of weeks ago are through – well about 5 of them, but there are a few more I planted after still to come through. The Ailsa Craig tomatoes are now separated into their own pots – I have 6, and I’m waiting now for the gardeners delight and the small ones (‘sweet baby’) to come through. I’ve moved the container and frame I used to grow against the kitchen wall into place ready.

Hoping that the weather will stay warm I’ve planted some courgette (‘venus F1’) and cucumber (‘markeymore’) seed today – maybe a bit premature but we’ll see.

I’ve carried on digging section C and more than half is dug over, it’s infested with creeping buttercup and dandelions so it’s a slow process.

The male blackbird was following me around, hoping I would uncover food and almost followed me into the greenhouse at one point he was so keen. More butterflies today, a small blue and the first cabbage whites, also a ladybird – I think a genuine British one and not a Harlequin invader!

See some pics below:

Potato Planters

Potato Planters


Section C - mostly dug over

Section C - mostly dug over

Broad beans - one and a half rows...

Broad beans - one and a half rows...

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