It’s Bean Sunny

Yes the weather is getting ridiculous – we’ve had a couple of weeks without rain and sun almost every day with temperatures in the mid 20’s C. What’s more it looks like it’s going to be a fine Easter weekend and holiday – strange days indeed…

Today it was so hot I could only work in bursts in the garden, and the greenhouse was unbearable even with the windows and door open. It will all end in tears though – probably a lousy summer.

Even so, suffering in the sun as I have been I managed to get some work done so things have moved on a bit since the last post.

I’ve planted several more broad bean seedlings, so there is now a row and a half plus and there will be one or too more from the greenhouse. This year though getting the broad beans to germinate

and grow properly has been a bit of struggle, don’t know why.

I’ve also planted out four of my climbing french beans, and a row of mangetout peas – let’s hope we don’t get a frost now. A couple more french beans are nearly ready to plant out as well. The runner beans I planted  a couple of week ago though show no signs of appearing – not unique in the  greenhouse  though…

Meanwhile in the greenhouse things aren’t too good – the newer tomato seeds (gardeners delight & a baby type) have failed to appear and so I’ve planted some more – the ailsa craig tomatoes are ok though, I’ve moved them into individual pots and two are already planted, one in a growbag inside the greenhouse and the other in the tomato planter I used last year positioned by the kitchen wall – maybe pushing my luck but worth a try.

We’ve already had a harvest of salad leaves from the container in the greenhouse as the hot weather has prompted salad eating in the household

The potatoes are growing like crazy and I’ve had to add more compost to a couple of the bags several times already.

As for wildlife – well there have been lots of orange tip and small white butterflies around. The blackbirds and robins have been going mad looking for food – I think they must have chicks, the male blackbird almost always appears nearby if I’m in the garden.

Bean and Pea rows

Climbing french beans in front, then mangetout peas and broad beans

Potatoes in growing containers

Two of the potato growing containers

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