Sun, Sun Sun

It is now deeply worrying – an Easter holiday with several bank holidays and still the weather is sunny – even including the Royal Wedding Day (well at leat where I was) – it’s only banking up trouble for the summer hols I say….

So, the hosepipe has been essential over the time since the last post and it has left me in something of a quandary as to what to pant out as I can’t help feeling the weather still able to turn cold again. However, I have now plated out a couple more climbing french beans so there are six now and they seem to be thriving. Almost all the remaining broad beans are out now, so there are two very full rows, one of which I’ve put the canes and string support around – and that  first row is very much in flower now. The mangetout peas seem to be coming along ok – at least some of them are gripping the sticks around them now. I’ve also planted a separate  half-row, and I must plant some more seed to fill that up.

The potatoes are growing like mad, at least one set of shoots are over the top of the container now and I’m filling them up with compost almost every day.

I had a container of salad leaves in the greenhouse (we’ve harvested some already) but the weather has encouraged me to move it to outside the kitchen – where it is a bit handier.

The ailsa craig tomato outside the kitchen seems to be surviving ok, and I’ve now planted a second in the growbag in the greenhouse. There are three more seedlings left, but I’m waiting for some other varieties to come through as well as I would like some smaller tomato varieties as well but the germination has proved difficult – a couple of seedlings are coming through now though.

Also, inside the greenhouse I’ve planted out a couple of the aubergines into a pot and the sole pepper that had germinated into another pot.  There are a couple more aubergine seedlings to plant out yet as well.

I’ve sown more seed as well in the greenhouse, some lettuce, coriander and salad leaves. Lets hope they all germinate, which is more than the dwarf and runner beans I planted a while ago appear to have done.

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