Still Unsettled

The weather is still in spring mode with showers and sun – and of course it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend so the weather is bound to be crummy.

Still it is ‘good growing weather’ so not bad from the gardening point of view. However, I have been cutting hedges over the last week, so the rain interruptions weren’t all that welcome or the wind when it wasn’t raining..

Outside I’ve now got 3 courgette plants growing nicely and one of the cucumber is now in a container outside. I have another waiting in the greenhouse to go out. The beans and peas are all coming on nicely with broad bean pods already set and growing. Some of the peas are ready to flower, and all but one of the climbing french beans are climbing now. I planted second batch of peas the other day to make up the second row.

All the potato plants are now huge and I noticed today that there are flower buds on one of the plants in the row planted in the garden near the greenhouse.

I now have 3 tomato plants in the planter near the house, plus 4 in growbags in the greenhouse – 2 more need to go in yet. After the initial worry about germination I’ve now got several more seedlings than I’m going to need of course. I’ve still to plant up a growbag outside the greenhouse so I’ll need 3 there but I’ll still have spares.

The other seedlings in the greenhouse are coming on – mind the flat-leaved parsley produced only one seedling initially, but after a couple of weeks it looks as if another one has struggled up. I’ve another pot of salad leaves just about ready to harvest in the greenhouse, which is just as well since the plants in the container near the kitchen (originally in the greenhouse) are now in flower.

The rows of carrots, parsnip, radishes etc. are growing but still not as well as I would like.

A sort of wildlife aspect – I’ve had a cold water aquarium tank inside this year and have raised a number of frog and toad eggs up to froglet and toadlet stage – they’ve all gone back to the canal where the eggs cam from now apart from one ‘toadpole’ that seems a bit reluctant to develop. Of course with the weed etc. added as food for the tadpoles have been lots of other aquatic wildlife such as caddis fly and stone fly larvae, small leeches, and snails of course – all fascinating to watch – see below for some of the returnees.

Also, we’ve had some baby thrushes coming up to the house, unlike the adults and I managed to snap on – see below.

Baby frogs ready to go back

Baby frogs ready to return to the canal


Baby Thrush

Baby Thrush

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