Broad Beans Eaten…..

Well almost all of them now anyway, just a few pods left. Although the first harvest had only small beans, the last couple have been ok. One good point this year – no blackfly! must be a first that, I guess again because of the weather conditions early on. Almost on cue the climbing beans are about to produce, rather annoyingly the one I gave to my next-door neighbour already has beans…

The mangetout peas true to form are producing faster than we can eat them, and as usual some pods seem to hide until they are more like regular pea pods.

Courgettes are producing well, in fact I harvested four smallish ones today to go into a ‘mince and courgette bake’. Meanwhile, the sickly looking cucumber plant in the container has finally popped its clogs so I’m left with one plant, still struggling but has at least produced a flower.

Tomatoes (the ‘fruit’ rather than the plants) are expanding fast – so a glut will no doubt happen when they all ripen at once. Also in the greenhouse the peppers and aubergines are flowering and at least one pepper has set, though I notice that one aubergine flower has dropped off the plant without setting. I hope there isn’t a repeat of last year when only one aubergine was produced – but the omens aren’t good.

We harvested all the blackcurrants (and around 4 whitecurrants the birds missed) last weekend, a total of over a kilo (around 2.5lbs), all being converted into coulis. The gooseberries finally were baked into a pie with added brambles from the freezer as none of the local shops had any more gooseberries – the combination worked quite well though.

I was fairly cross when a third squirrel turned up raiding the bird foo after the previous evictions – but I had it in the trap within a couple of hours, so we are currently squirrel free. I heard on the radio today that there is a ‘butterfly watch’ taking place to map the current distribution and decline. It did make me aware how few I have seen this year. Apart from the usual cabbage whites and small blues there have been very few other species around, even though our three buddleia bushes are in full flower – in fact I saw one red admiral today and that is the first butterfly on the buddleia I’ve seen so far.

The Blackcurrant Harvest

The Blackcurrant Harvest


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