Toms & Pommes (de Terre)

The harvesting is now well under way of the tomatoes and one lot of potatoes has been dug up and eaten already (as have many of the toms). The harvest from only a couple of roots of potato in the ground by the greenhouse was satisfactory, although pretty scabby (see pic below).

The tomatoes pictured below are a mixture of ailsa craig and a couple of the small tomato varieties, the ailsa craig came in handy for a baked potato & mince dish the other day.

Also being harvested are brambles and raspberries – although the brambles are noticeably poorer than last year, a result of the dryer period earlier in the year I guess. The rasps are from just one cane, which is very prolific, I wish I had room for more really – this one is just in the border by the hedge and I do nothing to it other than prune it. However, the brambles, plus some from last year from the freezer and a bramley apple, went towards a pie tonight.

I collected a few more climbing beans and pretty much the last of the mangetout peas the other day, and there are a few courgettes still being produced The cucumber has now been consigned to the compost bin after producing one tiny cucumber. Even worse, the aubergine plants in the greenhouse have been flowering so nicely they would qualify as decorative plants in the house – but not one flower has set, so no aubergines – yet.

As for wildlife – rather annoyingly, a squirrel appeared in the garden the other day, so the trap is out…. Birdwise it’s been very active with the long tailed tits appearing in number – I counted ten the other day – with six on the fat feeder at once – see below.


First potato harvest - with scabs!


Tomato Harvest 1

One of the first tomato harvests


Long Tailed Tits on feeder

Six long tailed tits, and more waiting!

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