Mellow Fruitfulness

Not much garden activity recently, mainly taking up the peas and sticks, finally removing the broad bean stakes and digging a couple of bits where the peas and beans were. It won’t be long before I remove the climbing beans, they aren’t producing now really, likewise the courgette plants.

Apart from hedge cutting and maybe a final cut of the lawn, the main activity has been collecting tomatoes, all ripening like mad. A whole lot have already been converted to sauce ready for use in other dishes. Many of the cherry type have just been eaten as they come, very sweet and tasty.

Also harvested the rest of the row of potatoes near the greenhouse, and one of the bags – the row in the ground has produced well, including the Maya Gold variety (see below), but the one container/bag I’ve emptied was less productive.

To compensate for the lack of activity reports take a look at the photos reflecting the time of year below: 

Mayan Gold potatoes

Mayan Gold potatoes - one original seed potato

 The above were panted as an experiment near the greenhouse, others are in a bag not yet harvested. The flesh is yellow and firm and we’ve already eaten them – sliced and firied – yum! 

Tomatoes ripening

Ripening cherry tomatoes


Robin checking up on me

The robin appears very quickly if I’m working in the garden, particularly digging – comes as close as a couple of feet to make sure it misses nothing.
Red Admiral

Red Admiral on one of last buddleia flowers - only about the fourth I've seen this year

Spotted in the greenhouse – orb web spider and ladybird prey. It’s hard to walk round the garden this time of year
without walking through one of the webs produced by the orb web spider.

Spider and ladybird

Spider with ladybird prey (in the greenhouse)

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