Toms, Pots & Brambles

Yes, still harvesting. Plenty of tomatoes and I emptied all the potato bags yesterday – reasonable harvest of ‘Kestrel’ – supposedly ‘2nd early’ but I’ve left them much later. There was a much better harvest from the rather specialist ‘Mayan Gold’ variety, and unlike the Kestrel there were potatoes all the way down the bag which is the way it’s meant to be. The Kestrel seemed to crop almost entirely at the base of the bag and didn’t really crop as heavily as the Mayan Gold.

So I think I’ll try the Mayan Gold again next year if I can find them. We eat some today and they were fine mashed and quite tasty.

Tomatoes are coming in thick and fast, a fair number were cooked into sauce the other day but there are already a pound or so from today – still the sauce keeps in the freezer ok.

Some brambles were ready yesterday so those and a few from the freezer plus a bramley apple I put into a ‘bramble & apple’ pie – yummy with custard. Looks like there may only be a few more now though.

Meanwhile in the greenhouse, peppers are ok but the aubergines are still flowering beautifully, but no sign of any aubergines – waste of time really. The grapes are looking good bit still  bit under ripe I think.

Pics below of potato harvest:

Kestrel potato harvest
Kestrel potato harvest – golf ball for scale!
Mayan Gold Potato harvest
Mayan gold potato harvest – golf ball for scale!

Another squirrel has gone on holiday, but there is another hanging around so we’ll see if we can ‘persuade’ that one to go on holiday as well. The goldfinches are as active as ever plus the long-tailed tits (and blue & great ones as well). The robin was checking up on me as I was emptying the potato bags and I’ll swear it would have got into the bags as well if I’d paused for long enough. It is still warm enough for dragonflies as well even though the weather has been rather variable with hail yesterday and showers on Friday and today, saw a couple yesterday and one today.


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