Autumn is Here – Sometimes and The Great Grape Theft

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but frankly not much has been happening in the garden. Meanwhile the weather has swung from cool to hot to cold (3degC the other night) and back to warm again – very confusing.

I’ve dug a bit of the garden, and removed all the climbing beans plus the netting (no easy task removing the bean remains from the netting) and the supporting canes

Meanwhile, the tomatoes are still producing – mostly small ‘cherry’ types now, but still worth having. In the greenhouse there are also some sweet peppers left still ripening (we ate the big one last weekend) and the other variety of pepper (can’t remember the variety, they look like v large chilli peppers so I suspect they are sweet rather than hot but we’ll see). The aubergines are now dying off  a complete waste of time and space this year.

Sweet peppers harvested (& eaten alrady)


The most astounding thing though was the ‘great grape theft’ – I had been leaving the grapes on the vine in the greenhouse until they were as sweet as possible and set off last weekend to harvest them – only to find every last one had gone! birds I suspect a week or so ago through the opening vents on the sunny days. So all that was left were the ‘skeletons’ of the bunches and no grapes.

No grapes

Sport the Grape....


Not much to report on the wildlife area either, two blackbirds were having a really vicious fight near the greenhouse the other day so the battle for territories must be well under way. The birds are going through food fairly quickly now, stocking up for winter I guess.

And that’s about it for now….

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