By Gum – It’s Still Warm

A month now since my last post and Autumn is still hardly any cooler than the summer. Having said that, last night it did get down to 1degC, but that is by a long way as cold as it has been over the last month. Daytime temperature still in the mid-teens C have been the norm really.

All of which should mean that it’s been nice enough for me to get on with loads of jobs in the garden, but I’m afraid not. I have tackled a few of the tidying up jobs in a rather desultory way – like pruning back the grapevine in the greenhouse, removing some of the tomato plants (but there are still some with fruit ripening!) and tackling the hedge on one side which I’m reducing in height by a foot or so. I have managed to plant a few pansies in the front – though only around 3 of them are bothering to flower despite the mild conditions, still they are better than bare earth until the bulbs come through. Speaking of which I did actually manage to plant up a couple of containers with narcissi and some tulips, plus a few in the garden.

There is still some digging to do – one section isn’t touched, but it does have some Brussels sprout plants on it which look as if they are going to produce enough for Christmas. I have got some parsnips growing also, traditionally they aren’t any good until frosted, which at the present state of things may not happen for a while (despite last night it is predicted to be warmer over the next few days).

There are still a couple of peppers to harvest in the greenhouse, plus one or two tomatoes, otherwise  it’s a bit of a mess and really needs a day of tidying up to be ready for seed planting (not that I’ve bought any for next year yet). Now that I have electricity in the greenhouse I can get some seedlings started a bit earlier so that’s something to plan for.

So not much action to report, and even the wildlife has been fairly quiet, although I have evicted four squirrels in the last month and seem to have removed the local population for a while. The birds have been finding plenty of natural food at the moment so the bird food hasn’t been going down very fast.

Maybe I’ll have tackled some of the bigger jobs by the time I post again……

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