Another Year Gone

Well another year gone and I can’t really say it was a raging success as far as gardening is concerned. I’ll just have to hope next year is better.

One recent good result was the brussels sprouts which produced enough for our Christmas dinner do that was the last product of the garden for this year.

The weather has continued mild since the last post, only a couple of nights with frost so our hanging baskets are still out and producing flowers, though looking pretty scrappy now. Also, some fuchsias in pots are still flowering, pretty amazing really. The drawback is that the grass has continued to grow, as have the hedges, albeit slowly.

No real gardening has taken place since the last post, my visits to the garden have been pretty much restricted to filling up the bird food containers, and kitchen waste into the compost containers – not to mention taking another couple of squirrels for their ‘holidays’.

So I need to sit down and sort out my seeds for next year and start to plan the planting.

Meanwhile hope my reader had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year

One response to “Another Year Gone

  1. A happy new year to you. Unlike last year, we have had no rain since last spring (thus no snow in the Sierras…), but the lemon grass is now 2 m high. Mint is on the rampage. I just fill the bird feeders and JJ cuts the grass. I forget: do you have a herb garden? We have found them rewarding both for smelling, eating, and aesthetics.

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