Weird Weather or Global Warming?

As I was filling the compost bins the other day at the bottom of the garden (the ‘wild’ bit) I looked around and blow me down – the primroses are in flower! Never seen anything like it before. Basically we haven’t had winter yet, just a continuation of autumn with temperatures ranging mostly between about 7degC and as high as 7degC, with a few excursions below  5 but very rare. So the plant world is a bit confused I suspect, and probably the wildlife as well.

I have managed to check my seeds and found that there isn’t much I need to buy. I did get to a garden centre the other day and buy some of the ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes that were good last year plus some ‘plum’ type tomatoes which I seemed to have none of in my collection, and that’s about all I needed.

Primroses in flower

Very early primroses in flower

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