By Gum – It’s a bit Chilly Now!

Yes Winter has finally laid its hoary hand over the land – night-time temperatures at or below freezing for the last few nights and we have the prospect of snow over the weekend for the East Midlands (they’ve had it in Scotland for a while now). All this just at the time I want to spend some time in the garden!

Why? Well I’m finally going to get on with putting in some raised beds – to speed things up I’ve bought a couple of relatively cheap kits which I’ve got to put together. Once I’ve tackled that then I need to buy in some good top soil to use in place of the rather stoney soil I have here – so watch for developments.

Apart from that I’ve hardly ventured into the garden so there isn’t much to report – apart from a squirrel which has appeared a couple of times from a completely different direction, but it hasn’t hung around long enough to be persuaded to go on holiday. The birds of course are still around and going through the bird seed. I spend an hour last weekend on the ‘Great Garden Birdwatch’ which is a sort of nationwide survey of garden birds seen in a garden during one hour over the weekends. The results are all collated together – see the web site here

The results will be published once they have been collated – usually quite interesting. We had nothing terribly unusual turn up, just the dunnocks, house sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds, collared doves and magpies that we usually have.

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