Is Spring Sprung?

Well it seemed like it until this weekend – we had temperature in the mid teens C all last week but now it has turned cold and rainy, and even snow is predicted.

However, during the warm weather I did manage to get on with the raised beds, and have a bonfire so getting rid of some of the accumulated bits of bush etc. Still enough for another one though.

Anyway, I’ve put both ‘kits’ together and they are in place now. See picture of the first in place below:

Raised Bed

First raised bed frame in place

I put the second one in place the other day. Now of course i have to order the soil and think about adding more frames.

Daffodils are now fully out  or at east some of them – crocuses as well. I guess I’ll have to get the broad beans planted in the greenhouse asap. The trouble is that the bit of garden where they are due to go this year is the one area un-dug, and it has the bonfire material stacked on it.

Meanwhile in the greenhouse several of the sweet peas are now out of the propogators (they grew too tall) and are now just on the bench – so I just hope we don’t move to sub-zeor temperatures again.

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