Almost Too Hot!

Well a Sunday of continuous sunshine with temperature reaching 19degC here, so I really felt I needed to put in some work in the garden.

So, of course, I did some work in the greenhouse where it was even hotter! I’ve managed to get the potatoes chitting (just the ‘Maya Gold’ this year) – they’d already started shoots so won’t need long before they can be planted. Also, I managed to get a load of broad beans planted into pots. They are three varieties (just because I have them left over) – ‘The Sutton’, ‘Express’ and ‘Masterpiece Green Longpod’. Only a few beans of the ‘Express’ were left, and plenty of the other. I’ve planted around 40 beans altogether. I just hope I’ve managed to clear the rea they are going to grow in before they are too big.

I also forked over and dug over area B, and then transferred some of the surplus soil from the area where I’ve put the raised bed frames – three barrow-loads. So now I need to get a couple more frames to add to the existing ones, and then some soil of course.

Meanwhile the vegetation is getting the idea that it is spring – a couple of celandine flowers out now and the primroses are in full bloom (see below). I even saw a bee the other day, and the magpies have been busy collecting twigs from the garden. The blackbirds have become noticeably more intolerant, even ‘persuading’  to leave a couple of young thrushes that had ventured near the house and had the cheek to be eating some of the crumbs I’d put out.

Raised Bed Frames

Celandine Flower

Primroses in Full Flower

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