De Grass is Riz!

So I sit in the kitchen and look at the grass which is now causing sparrows serious problems in parts of the lawn as it is higher than they can see. Quite when I’ll be able to cut it is rather difficult to see at the moment.

It’s all very frustrating as we have had sunny days all week with temperatures over 20degC yesterday and predicted to be higher today. There’s lots of other work to do in the garden – especially finishing plot C where the beans are to go. However, I did get well on with that over the weekend when not only did I clear all the prunings away but also managed to dig a trench where the climbing beans will go, fill it with compost, and fill it in. Altogether about a third of the area is now dug over, with a bit more on Monday.

The pressure is on as the broad beans are coming through in the greenhouse – which if anything is too hot thanks to the weather.

I constructed the two new raised bed frames last week and one of them is in place. The other awaits some serious moving around of soil before it can go in, then of course I will need the soil to fill all the beds.

Elsewhere, I’ve added new sticky bands to the apple tree to prevent the codling moths, the buds are just opening on the tree. The potatoes chitting in the greenhouse are ready to be planted, so that’s another job…

Unfortunately too much to do inside right now so I’m stuck looking out at the sunshine.

The 'beans' area before (after prunings removed)

After trench dug and filled with compost


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