School Hols – So We Have Rain

Wouldn’t you know it – after a couple of weeks of roasting hot weather – the weather has now turned nasty (Scotland has had several inches of snow after temperatures over 20degC last week!) and we have temperatures less than 10degC and rain. It’s just because round here it is the first week of the school Easter Holidays….. Thanks goodness we aren’t going off to some part of the UK hoping for a sunny week or so.

Anyway, the weather has put something of a stop on working outside but I did manage an hour or so yesterday and finished digging over plot C so at least that is done – (see pic below) and not a moment too soon as some of the broad beans are just about big enough to go out now (they are already in the cold frame). Also, I finally put the chitting potatoes into the containers with a couple of inches of compost over the top. At least the rain today will help them get going (and the rest of the garden which was rather dry).

In spite of the rain I managed long enough in the greenhouse to get some tomato seeds into pots – yes I know it’s late but I just haven’t had the time. Next I need to get my climbing french beans going, so that’s another target for the next few days.

The fruit bushes in the garden are now bursting into leaf and all seem to have survived, though some look healthier than others. The damson trees are in full flower as well, quite a sight, but only time will tell if they are going to produce a reasonable harvest. The rhubarb is coming on nicely (covered over of course) – may be a meal in a week or so.

Wildlife wise – the blackbirds are nesting and above the ‘normal’ bird visitors, we have had quite a few greenfinches visit so far, which is unusual, plus a couple of chaffinches (though I’m never sure why so few – there ought to be more finches)

Plot C dug with cloches

Plot C dug with cloches

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