Weather still a bit rubbish

So it’s just about Easter weekend, and true to form for bank holidays, the weather is still crummy s0 no sunny days away in the UK this holiday.  Well it did stay fine enough today for me to get a few jobs done, and I managed to spend a short time in the greenhouse the other day.  As a result I now have tomato seeds planted (mostly plum type plus some ailsa craig) and in a propagator, plus climbing french beans (blue lake) and mangetout peas (Oregon sugar pod) all in pots in the greenhouse.

I’ve also managed to put the last of the raised bed frames into place (see pic below) so all I need now is the soil in theory. However, thanks to the slope on that section, some of the frames will need extra panels on to keep the soil in (you can just about see on the RH end of the nearest frame), so a trip to buy extra wood is necessary before I fill them up.

Did I mention I cut the grass last week as well? The hedges are beginning to sprout now – ho hum.

In the ‘wild’ section there are quite a few celandines out now, the primroses are still in full bloom and the cowslips just about to open their flowers. Plenty of bird activity as well though no new species to report.

Raised bed frames in place

Raised bed frames in place

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