Better Weather Today

After a few days of rain today was better with sun and some cloud. I managed to prise myself away from other things to get on with some work in the garden for an hour or so. The next few days look to be more or less fine with some showers, so may be tricky spending much time in the garden.

My main focus was in the greenhouse, where I planted into pots some seed for: – Courgettes (Venus F1), Cucumber (Marketmore), Sweet Pepper (Golden Ball F1 & Worldbeater). So I feel a bit better now about being ready for spring.  Not the absence of aubergines after last years failure.

Some of the tomatoes are through now – around 6 I think , so we should have some plants fairly quickly I hope. More of the broad beans are through as well, and there may well be enough for two double rows in the section (C).

Outside, I planted out the fifteen or so broad bean seedlings that were in the cold frame and left them under the cloche, making about three-quarters of a double row – so that’s a start on the planting out now. Some of the others from the greenhouse are in the cold frame already, and a few more may be ready to go in during the next few days.

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