It’s Raining – Raining in My Garden

Yes, not long after several southern and midland parts of the UK have been declared ‘drought’ areas, we are now in a period of showers and heavy rain over those very areas. I’m sure the water companies are pleased, but although some rain is always welcomed by gardeners it’s now too much of a good thing – also it’s turned cold as well. I did manage to dodge the showers last weekend a bit though so I have managed to get some things done.

The two rows of broad beans are now complete, in fact one is almost a full triple row rather than double (see pic below). They seem to be coping ok with the lousy weather though. Also, four broccoli plants kindly donated by my neighbour are now looking settled in plot B.

Inside the greenhouse, the tomatoes are doing well (see pic below), and as usual it looks as though I may have too many plants. Some of the pease are through and one or two of the climbing french beans are just appearing. One or two of the courgettes/cucumbers are through now as well.

A couple of fruit bushes were delivered last week as well (part of an order that included a new buddleia to replace one that blew down in gales a few months ago) – one blackcurrant and a goodberry. I’ve planted the currant into a container for now – eventually it may be planted in the ‘wild’ section of the garden alongside the others. The goosberry is still waiting to be planted out, but ther’s no chance of it drying out in its pot thanks to the weather tight now.

Wildlife – well the birds are pretty active, I’ve seen great tits feeding fledged chicks already and the blackbirds must be feeding young judging by how active they are. A squrrel appeared the other day, but has now gone on holiday…

I took a picture of the male blackbird looking a bit sorry for itself in the hedge near the housed uring the rain – see below.

Broad Bean Rows

Broad Bean Rows


Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings


Blackbird in the rain

Blackbird in the rain


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