‘Ne’er cast a clout

‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ – never was it more true than this year with the weather still being poor and frosts even (though not here for a couple of weeks). Whether it means the May (hawthorn) flower or the month doesn’t really matter at the moment. All I know is that I have held off-putting my tomatoes outside for the moment as it has been so cold and windy.

So, I rushed out last week and bought several grow-bags, mostly for inside the greenhouse, mainly because some of the tomato seedlings had grown too big to stay in their pots. Also, during my visit to get the grow-bags I found some pepper seedlings at a bargain price. I needed these as none of the pepper seeds I’d planted have germinated and time was marching on….

Now I have 5 tomatoes, all cherry types, planted in grow-bags in the greenhouse plus the 3 peppers (one jalapeno, two sweet type) – see pic below. I did risk one outside in a grow-bag alongside the greenhouse, but protected by the ‘cold fram’ (old door), and may fill up the bags with others if it seems ok. Trouble is the weather isn’t really getting that much better.

Outside, the broad beans are coming on (see below) and now one row is a triple row+ as all my ‘backup’ beans came through so I just added them on. The photo also show the row of mangetout peas planted out, and I have another rows worth just coming through in pots in the greenhouse.

The climbing french bean germination success has been a bit low, out of about a dozen beans it looks as though only 5 may be plantable – this my be enough but I might plant one or two more.

The ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes have really come on seemingly growing several inches a day, so piling in the compost to keep up has been a bit difficult (see pic below).

And before you ask – no I haven’t got the soil for the raised beds yet – I haven’t been able to guarantee having a couple of days free to deal with it. However, I now have some extra treated wood to fill in the gaps below the frames (thanks to the slope) so I can get on with making them ‘soil proof’.

The appearance of orange tip butterflies does at least show that spring is here, and a baby blackbird has been visiting, I suspect from the nest in the LH hedge.  The birds are eating plenty of seed etc. now, unfortunately the jackdaws have learned that food appears on the bird table and have now become bold enough to take it.

Tomatoes and Peppers in Growbags
Tomatoes (Back) and Peppers (front)
French Beans
French Beans
Broad Beans &  Peas
Broad Beans & Peas
Maya Gold Potatoes
Maya Gold Potatoes (1 of 4)

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