My Beds Are Raised!

Yes at last the soil was ordered, arrived the next day, and all 900 kg wheelbarrowed (20+ barrow loads) from the front of the house to the back and put into the raised beds during the afternoon of the day it arrived – phew! Of course it was sunny and hot that afternoon so as we say ‘I sweated cobs’ moving the soil.

Not only is that done (last Wednesday) but now the courgettes and cucumbers occupy one of the beds – well I had to get them out they had outgrown their pots and one of the courgettes had flower buds already! Today I put three tomato seedlings I had surplus into one of the others just to see how they would do really. I’ve added some of my compost to one of the others – the soil is very light and sandy so I think it will need a bit of bulking up from compost so all of them will get a load of compost as I get time.

Elsewhere, the broad beans are in full flower, though I haven’t had time to string the first row, but fortunately there hasn’t been any significant wind recently so I’ve got away with it so far. The second row is mainly a dwarf variety so probably won’t need support. The peas and french beans are coming on nicely, and the climbing french beans are just starting to climb.

Inside the greenhouse, the tomatoes are in bud and up to about 3 feet now, the peppers have started to grow after looking rather static for a while. The tomatoes outside are less well advanced but seem to have survived the shock of being outside pretty well.

The potato containers are now full and the plants really growing well – and almost flowering, but are there any potatoes I wonder….

Some pictures of the beds etc. below:

Raised Beds - Now full of soil

Raised Beds – Now full of soil

Courgettes & Tomatoes in Raised Bed

Courgettes & Tomatoes in Raised Bed

Beans & Peas - Broad beans in flower

Beans & Peas – Broad beans in flower

Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Tomatoes in Greenhouse (the first planted out)

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