An ‘Indian Summer’

Despite this mornings temperature of 5degC we really have had an ‘Indian Summer’ the last couple of weeks, hardly any rain and sunshine – so much so that I had to use the garden hose a couple of days last week!

So what’s been happening – well harvesting mostly – still brambles, tomatoes and courgettes and plenty of them. No sign of an end yet either so the freezer is filling up. Also, the climbing french beans are producing well, faster than we can eat them in fact so again the excess is going into the freezer.

We harvested another container of spuds, and I’m using the compost to fill up the raised beds so there is a good mix of organic material in them.

The only real problem has been the tomatoes in the raised beds, in a pot outside the greenhouse and in the growbags alongside the greenhouse which have all suffered to a degree. The one in the pot has died completely, the ones in the raised beds are well on the way to dying and those outside the greenhouse look pretty sick. The cause? some may have been affected by cold and wind, others look possibly to have been affected by blight. The tomatoes are ripening ok from the growbag plants but the raised bed plants look as though very few useful fruit will come from them.

I have cleared the section where the broad beans were and even started forking the ground over, still about half to do though.

Inside the greenhouse, apart from the tomatoes still producing, the peppers are growing nicely but show no sign of changing colour yet.

The buddleia bush near the house has been in full flower but the disappointing thing is how few butterflies have appeared on it, just red admirals and whites with one solitary tortoishell. It’s been a really bad couple fo years for butterflies.

Meanwhile, the birds are very active with squadrons of long-tailed tits, plenty of goldfinches – and they haven’t just been on the nyjer seeds, but also on the teasel heads, plus greenfinches on the feeder with sunflower seeds. Of course the dunnocks and house sparrows have been busy as well.


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