The Autumn Leaves….

Autumn is officially here with the passing of the autumn equinox, and today it is overcast and rainy so it really feels like it – especially as we only had 5DegC at 6:00am this morning. Although we had several sunny days this last week, the forecast is pretty poor for this week, cold and rain predicted.

Progress of a sort in the garden, mostly bits and pieces. I’ve taken up the tomato plants in the raised bed as they were totally gone, plus the mangetout peas as all but one plants were dead – I did manage to rescue 3 pods for eating though. The tomato plants outside the greenhouse will be going this week probably as they are pretty much done for (see below)  I’m just hoping some of the tomatoes will ripen.

Poorly tomato plants

Poorly tomato plants

The plants in the container outside the kitchen are hanging on though, and the picture below is of tomatoes on one of those plants – an ‘olive’ type of fruit.

Olive tomatoes

Olive tomatoes

I’ve dug a bit more of area C so it’s more or less half done now. Otherwise it’s been a bit more harvesting, just tomatoes and climbing beans, though I think there are more brambles to collect as soon as the weather allows. There are also a few raspberries – see pic below, and very tasty they are, I’d like to see if I can set aside a bit more space for them so I can have a few more canes growing.



Looks like I’ll get one cucumber and possibly a second if the weather doesn’t get too cold – see pic below. There may be one more courgette, but it’s struggling a bit now.


One Lonely Cucumber

The immediate focus this week will be on hedge cutting, hopefully pretty much the last time this year, though if the weather stays warm it might not be.

Not much to report as far as wildlife is concerned, another squirrel appeared but didn’t hang around long enough to take up the offer of a free holiday. My friendly robin was hanging about as soon as I started forking over the garden and was down in a flash to collect anything it could find.

One more picture – some of the mint is in flower:

Mint flowers

Mint flowers

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