I’m a Cleanup Man…

Well, just a bit really. I’ve been removing the dead tomato plants from outside the greenhouse and a few other tidying up jobs. Also, adding the compost from one of the recently harvested the potato bags onto another of the raised beds – that’s three out of the four now – and still one bag of potatoes to harvest and the last raised bed still has dwarf kale growing nicely, which we’ve enjoyed leaves from in a couple of vegetable bhajis recently.

Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest (Mayan Gold) – not a lot but enough for us

I’ve dug a bit more of the plot C, so it’s about half done now, and made a start on trimming some of the hedges, but they really need a severe going over when there is a spell of fine weather.

Speaking of which, the weather is really autumnal now with showers almost every day and windy with it, this has curtailed time in the garden somewhat and there aren’t that many major jobs to do in the greenhouse yet.

In the greenhouse, the tomatoes are virtually finished, just a few more to collect if they ripen. The peppers are big enough now but show no sign of changing colour, not vital though as I’m sure they are perfectly edible already.

Only the tomato plants outside the kitchen are producing a few now outside, and the climbing beans are still producing a few. The brambles are just about over now, and I harvested all our apples today – only about 20 (Lord Lamborne) but they are still worth having.

Lord Lamborne apples

Lord Lamborne apples

The Buddleia bush only has a few blossoms on it now but the odd butterfly is still appearing, mostly red admirals and whites, but last week a ‘comma’ appeared. Also, one squirrel went on holiday last week, and another will go tonight…..

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