Fade to Grey

Yes the weather is rather ‘dreek’ around here with grey, dull, damp days not really very encouraging as far as working in the garden is concerned, though not actually cold with temperatures around 10 up to 14 degC during the day.

The harvesting has virtually come to an end now, a few tomatoes yesterday, but I doubt there will be many more as a cold snap is predicted for the end of the week. There are still peppers in the greenhouse trying desperately to ripen (see pics below) but outside everything is about over, though there may be a few brambles  and raspberries still available.

Ripe pepper

At least one pepper is ripe….

I’ve cut down the tomatoes outside the greenhouse and the ones outside the kitchen will be following soon. The climbing beans are all cleared away as well. All the potatoes in bags are now harvested, and I have been eating the last of them in some vegetable soup this week. As a results all the potato compost is now on the raised beds, though I have left the curly Kale plants for now as we still can eat the leaves.

I haven’t had time to do much other tidying in the garden, the main focus has been planting a couple of fruit trees and pruning back the grape-vine in the greenhouse. The fruit trees, a ‘special offer’ from a garden company are a ‘Braeburn’ apple, and a ‘Victoria, plum, both dwarfing types, and join the Lord Lambourne apple at the far end of the garden. First of all a dead pear tree had to be cut down and cut up before anything else. Finding a couple of suitable spots and then digging into the surprisingly tough soil – with clay and stones proved to be quite a challenge, but they are in now so it’s now wait and see until spring to see if they survive ok. As usual, one of the robins appeared almost as soon as I had started work on the pear tree and when I started digging just to see what ‘pickings’ there might be (at one point there were two robins). I often find I’m being tracked in the garden by a robin on a ‘just in case’ basis I suppose…….

Apple tree sapling

New Braeburn apple sapling on the left, remains of pear tree on right

I also planted a few more spring bulbs, mostly into large pots outside the kitchen, but some in the garden. I planted about 20 crocuses in a pot and several have been dug up again already by birds – hopefully they will tire of this sport before long…

House sparrows, though fewer than in the past, seem to be more in evidence at the moment and they and the other birds have been going through seed at the rate of knots, so much so that I need to stock up pretty soon. A squirrel as mad a couple of brief forays into the garden but hasn’t hung about long enough to be tempted into the trap – it will slip up eventually….

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