Well – Trim My Hedge!

That’s almost the sum of progress since my last post – about 30 feet of privet hedges at the front and another 30 feet or so at the back. Hopefully the last cuts of the year – but a very prickly job at the back as the section of hedge is mainly holly with brambles growing through. Clearing up was a real problem, you can never get all the holly leaves and they just lurk on the ground ready to get you next time you use bare hands in the area under the hedge – ouch! Building up quite a pile of cuttings – I feel a bonfire coming on (just missed ‘bonfire night’ here Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot).

Not much else to report, the tomato and pepper plants still remain to be cleared up – the peppers are just hanging on now as we’ve had a couple of frosty nights already.

The birds have been munching their way through plenty of seed and it’s been a job to keep up with filling the feeders as they empty. My ‘friendly’ robin is convinced that I’m a major source of food, and appears close to me whenever I’m in the garden for mor than a couple of minutes, it even tried to fly through the kitchen window to join me the other day….

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