Busy Doin’ – Not Very Much

Well my excuse is the weather which has been alternately cold and wet (today it is frosty0 since my last post but I have managed a bit of hedge trimming, particularly the holly on one side which form what are small trees in fact.  There’s more to be done though and the prospect of a bonfire looms as I suspect I will be creating much more than my ‘green’ recycling bin can hold – in fact there is already enough in piles to more than fill a bin I suspect.

In the greenhouse the growbags which held the tomatoes and peppers are now out and the plants gone to compost, so I can give it a good tidy up when the weather and time allows.

The only thing, apart from some herbs, left growing in the garden is the kale which is hanging on quite well.

The birds of course are making great use of the seed feeders and below is a pic of one of the house sparrows visiting:

Sparrow at seed feeder

One of our Few House-Sparrows

Also, another visitor appeared recently – one of our ‘colonial’ friends:

grey squirrel

A visting squirrel

Needless to say, I will be attempting to persuade it to take a vacation as afar from my garden as possible……

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