There Won’t Be Snow This Christmas

Well not round here in any case – looks like rain and cloud. We’ve had unseasonably high temperatures – 12degC the other day for instance and no frost for about a week, just lots of rain – causing floods in several parts of the UK. The river levels here are pretty high too, though not at flood level – yet.

So what’s been done in the garden I can see you are thinking – answer, not a lot really. The only thing achieved recently is to see off a mouse infestation in the greenhouse, a combination of traps and bait seems to have dealt with them – after they had chewed my new gloves…..

Out side I’ve been trying to work out how best to use a large glass ex-door I acquired which s almost a perfect size to act as a cold frame cover for one of the raised beds. But as it is made of a double sheet of thick plate glass it is incredibly heavy. So far I’ve manage to arrange for it to be able to be propped up at one edge, but it’s just whether I can come up with a way to hold it up – and ideally raise and lower it without doing myself an injury! – Any ideas?

See pic below (currently it’s propped on a couple of half-bricks).

Glass cover

Glass cover

Meanwhile I haven’t managed to take the squirrel on holiday yet – it only appear rarely – at least while I’m watching in any case and so far has evaded or ignored the trap.

and Merry Christmas to my reader

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