New Year – No resolutions, little gardening

Happy New Year to my reader – and it started sunny and around 8degC here – no snow this Christmas season! The rest of the week is predicted to be warm and dry as well so who knows might be able to do a bit in the garden

I write this while still digesting a massive New Years Day meal (roast chicken with all the trimmings) and I’m sorry to say no home-grown produce was involved (didn’t think to get the frozen french beans out of the freezer)!

However, at the tail end  of last year – a couple of days ago – I did spend a bit of time doing a few jobs in the garden before the cold wind drove me indoors. I managed to prune the apple tree (the older one) though I’m not sure about the job and may revisit it later. I also pruned a couple of the gooseberry bushes and cut down the raspberry canes, plus a few other weeds and plants that needed a chop.

In the greenhouse there had been signs of a revisit by mice, so 3 traps plus bait were left to welcome the visitors – haven’t had time to check yet.

Apart from that and the pruning of a small bit of the yew tree for ‘first footing’ last night I have hardly been in the garden, apart from putting kitchen bits into the compost bins.

I did notice that the daffodils in the front garden are already coming up and some of the crocuses in a pot at the back are poking through – I did hear that some daffodils are already in flower in the SW, strange season this so far, all rain and very few frosts. It bodes ill I tell ‘ee……

As for this season, well to be honest I haven’t sat down and really considered it yet, let alone buy any seeds – it will be a whole new world with the raised beds to consider as well. If time and money permits I may build some more before the season gets under way, but no promises….

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