Been Tidyin’ Already!

Well since the weather was mild and dry I thought i would do a bit of work towards getting the garden knocked into shape for the new season. Started off clearing up some of the hedge cuttings i hadn’t been able to collect because of the undergrowth which has now died back revealing all the bits of hedge.

Then moved on to main the path between the growing beds which is made up of irregular stone flag s without cement between. This means all the cracks between fill up with soil and end up with grass growing in them This isn’t too bad until the grass becomes long and attracts more soil. Also, there are some steps on the path which tend to accumulate soil and weeds gradually through the season. So it was a case of scraping with hoe and spade to remove as much as possible – the job produced a barrow-full of weed and soil in the end, but at leat it’s the kind of job where you can see results – since the path is visible from the kitchen I can admire my handiwork while eating in there which makes me feel I’ve done something positive. My friend the robin appeared about a minute after I’d started and I had to stop and wait a few times while it gave the most recently cleared are a going over for worms and other titbits. I kept a close eye on proceedings all afternoon so did quite well out of the job. It really has become convinced that whenever I’m out in the garden I am going to produce food – and often will land within a couple of feet of me within a few seconds of me being out just to check and see.

Meanwhile, my battle with the mice in the greenhouse goes on – I have removed a couple but the clever little devils keep taking the bait from the traps without springing them – I now have a webcam (with infra-red) trained on one of the traps (2 as of today) with motion detection set up so maybe I can see what is going on. I do have some vide recorded from a few days ago when a mouse triggered the camera several times – bu not at the vital moment!

Other than that not much to report, bird activity on the feeders continues, though with the mild weather, not as intense.

Some hopefully interesting pictures below though:


A good illustration of a snail browsing trail

A good illustration of a snail browsing trail


Winter flowering Jasmine now in full bloom in one of the hedges


Crocuses coming through already

Crocuses coming through already


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