Is It February Already?

My goodness – already the second month of the year – and not very much done in the garden.

So have I just been staying inside you ask? Well not quite, the weather has relented over the last week and actually reached +10DegC midweek – quite a turnaround. Did it prompt a frenzy of activity in the garden/ Well, no but I did manage to clear up some of the prunings from the autumn and get them into the green bin at last. Also, one more mouse met it’s end in the greenhouse so that had to be removed. I also managed finally to remove the dead plants from the hanging baskets which have been living in the greenhouse since I took them down. Also, I potted a number of cuttings from a lemon geranium which hopefully will take root before they are hopefully sold for a red-nose sale in a couple of weeks – so the are all in a tray on the kitchen window sill just now where they will catch the sun.

But the big development has been that I finally got all my seeds out to try and see what I needed to buy for this season – and having taken them all out and spread them over a table I’m amazed at what I have – if they are all viable I wouldn’t need to buy any… However, I suspect that some of the old packs (some 5 years old!) are well past their best now so I may just have to go to the garden centre to buy some more – not that I feel compelled or anything….

I still have to sort out what is going to go where though, but I may start some broad beans off in the greenhouse during this week if I get chance since I won’t have to decide where to plant them for a while.

Bird-wise the robin still appears bu my side about 30s after I’ve been outside, just hoping for a morsel. I have been regularly putting bread out in addition to the seed feeders and it has kept the dunnocks going, although the robin (or a robin) decided one day that it all belonged to it and chased off all the small birds, though did leave the blackbird alone I noticed. Territorial squabbles have broken out between robins already as well. A long-tailed tit turned up the other day, the first I’ve seen for a while, otherwise the birds have been the usual mix.

Sorry no pics just now – but then not much to show at the moment.

One response to “Is It February Already?

  1. It’s amazing how quickly January flew by!

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