Still Doin Nuthin’

Well my excuse is that I’ve been working in the house and I’ve been too busy to do anything outside. It’s been a bit frustrating on the sunny days looking outside and thinking that there are jobs to be done….

Meanwhile the broad beans I planted almost a month ago in the greenhouse have not shown, certainly one or two I’ve ‘examined’ have put roots down, but that seem to be as far as they have gone. So in view of the lack of progress (see pic) I’ve bought another pack of beans (Sutton) and assuming I find a bit of time I’ll plant those as soon as possible.


Look – no shoots!

However, spring is upon us, so here is a pic of some dwarf daffodils, always the first to come out in spring in a pot behind the house. Other daffodils in the garden are tipping their heads ready to flower as well and crocuses are out too.

Dwarf daffodils and a couple of crocuses

Dwarf daffodils and a couple of crocuses

Plenty of birds of course, and suddenly we’ve had a bunch of long-tailed tits taking food from the ground as well as the feeders plus a thrush taking bread close to the house, that is until chased away by one of the blackbirds who seem to resent its presence, maybe they think its another blackbird?

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