Weather Almost Spring Like!

The temperature actually got over 10 deg C today, pretty amazing (mind you it was -2 deg C when I got up…). So I took advantage of the sunny day and did a bit in the garden.

I managed to plant some more seed – this time various salad crops into a smallish container which I’ll keep in the greenhouse until the seedlings are well on, the forecast indicates more cold weather to come even though it is supposed to be warming up a bit.

Also, inside the greenhouse the second lot of broad beans are starting to show, and most of those in the second tray of the first planting seem to be coming up. I’ve put the first tray, the most advanced, outside the greenhouse but under my ‘cold frame’ (the door leant against the side) to harden off for a couple of days.

No sign of the tomatoes etc. yet.

Outside, I took a couple of wheelbarrows full of compost out of one of the bins and mulched all the blueberries in containers plus the buddleias. Also, I added some to the two raised beds with cloches on, just on the bits not covered by the cloches (I’ll cover the other bits when I move the cloches).

Trouble is the container I took the compost out of is a 2-part container which comes apart whenever I do anything serious with it. So now I’ll have to take most of the compost out and clean it up so I can put the two bits back together – not altogether a bad thing as it means the compost gets properly mixed up.

On the wildlife front, a pair of blackbirds seem so very keen to collect crumbs when I put them out that I guess they may already have chicks to feed – the male is almost waiting for me to appear and is down before I’ve spread anything. Also, while I was collecting compost the robin appeared of course so I stepped back and allowed it to forage through the wheelbarrow for a couple of minutes.

As an indicator of how warm it was today – two butterflies appeared, though briefly and not time to identify, one a yellow type, the other a brown one, possibly a tortoiseshell, but hard to tell.

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