Bean Plantin’ Out – At Last

My 200th post! I can hardly believe it First post in April 2006 (the link is to the 3rd post) and looking back I can see how much more I’d done at this point in 2006 – I must have had more time then, and judging by the comments it had been a pretty cold March that year as well!

The mild and dry weather has continued and yes I’ve managed to plant the first tray of broad beans. All 13 (one didn’t make it) are now in one of the raised beds, after I’d added a mulch of compost over the half previously covered by a cloche. They were watered in with some ‘miracle gro’ just to get them going. See below:

Broad beans planted

Beans in at last!

Mentioning watering-in reminds me that it has ben dry since the last batch of snow and the bluberries and currants in containers were looking pretty dry so I felt they needed watering today – mind rain is predicted for tomorrow morning but not much I think. So a couple of watering cns full should keep them happy for a wjhile.

While I was in the mulching mood I took another barrow load out of the second compost container and mulched all the currants and gooseberries, plus the two fruit trees planted last year – pretty much everything that needs it has been mulched now. The other two raised beds will need some more compost before I get planting I think.

The second tray of broad beans are coming on though there are a few failures (see below) and will need hardening off at the weekend I think. Meanwhile tray 3 (the ‘panic’ planting) is starting to show, about 5 shoots showing. Still no sign of the tomatoes though…

broad bean seedlings

Tray 2 of broad beans – longpod variety

Managed to a bit of clearing up as well to fill up my ‘green’ bin – including finally cutting up a couple of christmas trees which had been slowly decomposing at the bottom of the garden.

Just to prove spring is here the primroses are out (see below, taken with my phone so not the best) and I saw a bumble bee today – some sort of orange species, just need the celandines to come out now…



The robin was hanging around as I emptied the compost of course – sitting on anything close by and within a couple of feet of me and fixing me with his (or her) beady eye as if to say – ‘come on then let me have a look to see if there is anything to  eat’ .

The finches are all around – gold-, green- and even a chaffinch have al been in the garden over the last few days.

Still plenty to do of course but the weather looks like it might be rather more variable in the near to medium term.

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