It’s spring Again

Haven’t got the ‘tulips from Amsterdam’, but one or two early ones have just come into bloom  in a pot by our french windows, with more to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve been taking advantage of the fine and warm-ish weather over the last few days and fitted in a visit to garden centre & hardware store ( for growbags) so am now able to get on with many of the spring gardening tasks.

Even though around 7 tomato seedlings have finally appeared in my propagator I bought 4 tomato plants – they are much further on and are varieties I may not have. So one is a ‘beefsteak’ variety (F1 Supersteak), one a small tomato type (Sweet Millions) and two are bush a type (Totem) that don’t need their side shoots taking out – they will go in my growing container near the house.

The first two mentioned varieties are already planted in a growbag inside the greenhouse, and I’ll hopefully get the bush varieties out in the next week or so.

I also bought courgette and squash seedlings (squash is something I’ve not tried before) as up to the last weekend I hadn’t had time to plant any courgette or cucumber or courgette. However, I did have some time in the greenhouse yesterday and planted cucumber and courgette seed – it will be a couple of weeks though before I see the result.

Another purchase was a pepper plant (World Beater) since my seed planting (same time as tomatoes) has failed to produce anything yet (was a long red sort). The pic below shows the tiny tomato seedlings and the empty pots where there should be peppers and more tomatoes:


Tomato seedlings

While I was in the buying mood I bought a couple of parsley plants (already planted near the kitchen) and a couple of mint varieties – I’m going to try and organise the mint into a container – which I have yet to sort out, and I hadn’t planted any parsley either (we use a lot in cooking) – but have planted some flat leaf variety at the weekend. I’ll try to plant some more as soon as I can, but the germination is such a hit and miss business who knows what will come up.

But wait – there’s more…. I also obtained some more ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes, and as these were already shooting quite well I’ve planted 12 of them into 3 of my growing containers today. I have a few tubers left and they will go into the garden somewhere. While I was at it I also bought some ‘Rooster’ potatoes which I’ll put into the last container just as an experiment. Pic below of Maya chitting:

potatoes sprouting

Also, I planted as many of the broad beans seedlings as possible in the raised bed with the others – I had about half a dozen left over which I donated to my neighbour (who is even further behind than I am).


Broad beans packed in – lets see how they do….

The salad seeds I planted are now well and truly through, these are mostly types that are ‘cut and come’ so should be available in a couple of weeks – they are currently in the greenhouse but will move them out as soon as it is warm enough. See below:salad_seedlings

And just to prove spring has sprung, here are a few photos showing the effect:


Primrose in full flower

The fruit trees are just coming well into bud:


Apple buds breaking out

One of my many daffodils in full flower just now – but just starting to go over….

Spiky Daffodil

Spiky Daffodil

And of course the celandines – really showing spring is here.



The wildlife is indicating that spring is here as well. There have been several unidentified brownish butterlfies, bumblebees and my favourite insect indicator of spring – bee flies hovering over the daisies in the grass. Looks like it’s going to stay fairly warm, and here we’ve had so little rain I’ve had to water the containers and broad beans already.

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