Catching Up Now

With the weather being more or less ok (some showers yesterday) I’ve been able to get on with some of the garden jobs and get a bit more done to bring me more or less up to the point I should be at by now.

In the greenhouse:

I’ve planted the pepper plant I bought into the growbag with the two tomato plants. Another growbag is in the greenhouse ready for other tomatoes (and hopefully peppers)

Sown some climbing French beans, mangetout (Oregon sugar pod) and ordinary (kelvedon wonder) peas – the kelvedon peas are a bit past their ‘sow by’ date so they may not be very successful, but maybe one or two will come up.

Re-potted the 11 tomato seedlings of my own into separate pots, and put the two bush tomato plants I bought outside to harden off.

Spotted that one of the cucumber seeds has germinated, but no sign of anything else sown at the same time.


I’ve replaced the compost in the container near the kitchen used of tomatoes ready for the bush types.

Planted the ‘Rooster’ potatoes in the last of the potato containers (just green bag types really).

Dug over a section of area ‘C’, dug a trench and added some compost  – all ready for the remaining ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes.

Raised the glass over the raised bed and dug it over, added compost and fertiliser ready for the courgette, squash and cucumber(s). I need to do a bit more on supports for the incredibly heavy glass just to make it safe..

nearby the other raised bed with broad beans has had to be watered it has been so dry (despite the odd shower) – as have the blueberries and currants in containers. The red and white currants are well in flower now as well.

All in all quite a busy weekend really – I have a couple of pics to add when I’ve managed to edit and upload  them.

Bird activity has been high and blackbirds are busy building a nest in a bit of hedge just outside the kitchen. It’s been fascinating watching the female arriving with a beak full of material – so much I’d begun to wonder if she was building a two storey nest! We also suspect the dunnocks have a nest in the same area but it is tricky to investigate while the blackbird is so busy.

More butterflies have been around and several species of bumble bee – some clearly searching for suitable nest sites.

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