Here Comes The Sun…

As I write it is the third sunny day in succession and more are promised this week! If I put my grumpy old man hat on I could say ‘It bodes ill I tell you…’ but maybe it will carry on and we’ll have a nice summer – maybe.

Meanwhile, it is giving the plants a chance to catch up and me a chance to work in the garden without being frozen or rained on.

So many things have been accomplished since my last post that I may struggle to remember them all. First I’ll review the things I mentioned in my last post then some of the developments beyond them.

In the raised bed with the ‘cover’ the original courgette, cucumber and squash have scarcely grown. In fact the courgette is struggling to survive having been attacked by slugs and I  think by pigeons as well. I have planted two of my ‘home grown’ courgettes in the bed now and they seem to be doing fine.

My last courgette from the greenhouse is now planted out in a growbag outside the greenhouse. There is one cucumber plant left in the greenhouse almost big enough to plant out now.

Courgette in growbag

Courgette in growbag

The tomatoes outside the kitchen also have not shown much sign of growing and I have added one of my greenhouse seedlings to the container – it was already taller than the plants in the container, and it seems to be ok.

Container tomatoes outside kitchen

Container tomatoes outside kitchen

As I mentioned last post, I had planted a set of peas, none of which then appeared – the mangetout that replaced them are fine, only two failed to come up.  I planted them out a couple of days ago in one of the raised beds and they formed a whole row – seem to be fine so far.

Nearby to the peas I’ve planted the two climbing beans that germinated, with a set of four canes arrange ‘tepee’ style – anticipating more beans which I planted a few days ago. What I had thought I’d planted previously as more beans turned out to have been more peas (which are ready to plant out now) – must have been confused at the time!

Beans & Peas

Beans & Peas (peas on far right)

Also, the dwarf french beans planted a few weeks ago are now planted out already, 10 out of 12 came up and they are planted close to the climbing beans (see above).

Getting back to tomatoes, they are all planted out now, bar one which I gave to my neighbour as I’d got enough. So there are two growbags outside then greenhouse planted up with six plants, and there are six in bags in the greenhouse (plus the four outside the kitchen). A mixture of types from ‘beef’ type to small sweet types.

Tomatoes outside greenhouse

Tomatoes outside greenhouse

In the raised beds some of the salad plants are up though seem to be growing slowly, the onions and garlic are mostly doing fine and both rows of baby leeks have come up (one is in a separate container).

Rocket and baby leeks

Rocket and baby leeks (to left)

A few days ago I planted 4 rows of mixed salad crops in the bed outside the kitchen and these have started to appear now – I just need to make sure the slugs and pigeons don’t get at them now!

Meanwhile in the greenhouse one ‘flat’ parsley seed has germinated but none of the curly parsley seeds have mad a showing yet.

The potatoes in containers are up to the top now and two of the four are full now. Even the row in the garden is up and I’ve already heaped up along it.


Potatoes in containers


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