July 1st and Sunny – Must be a Mistake

Just judging by the weather we’ve had so far this year an interval of 3 days that we’ve had now must be the summer. I can only be downhill from now on…

Still, at does mean the plants are growing rather better – though increase the need for watering, but you can’t have everything.

The salad crops are proving the most useful at the moment with the various leaves of rocket, lettuce etc. coming in handy. Nothing much else is ready to harvest quite, although some of the redcurrants are just about ready – I’ve had to net one of the bushes to try and prevent the birds from scoffing the lot (which they did last year).

The broad beans will be ready next weekend though, indeed I may be able to have some baby ones in a salad during the week.


As I mentioned before, two of the tomato plants have set fruit, and one plant (sweet baby type) hs set enough trusses for me to pinch out the top. Not much else to report from the greenhouse, except that the peas I planted are now through, it looks like 11 out of the twelve have germinated ok. The basil which I planted some time ago in a tray are now big enough and I’ve put the seedlings into the growbag just outside the greenhouse (with the radishes in).


The blackfly attack on the broad beans hasn’t got any worse and I’ve used dilute washing up liquid, plus the hosepipe to cut the numbers down. As I mentioned the ‘longpod’ tall plants have pods that are just about ready, while the dwarf ‘sutton’ are just beginning to produce pods.

Broad Beans - Just About Ready

Broad Beans – Just About Ready

The climbing French beans now have four plants climbing the poles and the first to get going is just about 6 feet up already. The dwarf French beans are just growing really, no flowers as yet.


Apart from the comment re the ones in the greenhouse above, there’s nothing much else to say except they are all flowering and seem to be fine.

Courgettes, Cucumbers, Squash

The fully grown courgettes are all in flower and there are baby courgettes on a couple of them. The one that was attacked by slugs is still recovering though. The cucumbers are just growing, no flowers yet and the squash is certainly bigger but is still only growing slowly.

Courgette - one of several ready

Courgette – one of several ready


As mentioned, redcurrants are ripening, there are some strawberries ready both full size and alpine – I just hope I get them before the slugs or birds do! Plenty of fruit on the blackcurrants, and on the blueberry bushes in containers. One gooseberry bus is loaded and the fruit may well be ripe in a week or so.


Not much new to report really except another squirrel has made a couple of brief appearances but not for long enough to be tempted to volunteer for a holiday. A house sparrow has appeared feeding a couple of well grown chicks, so they have clearly nested somewhere not far away and the robin(s) are as frequent visiting as ever. I did get some photos of one of the wrens this morning though, first time it’s been in clear view – and it was singing its little head off!

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