Broad Beans To Eat 2

Here we are in a heatwave and of course everything in the garden seems to be ready to harvest at once. We are already eating broad beans (see pic below) and very tasty they are too – but now there are many pods ready so I think we’ll be giving some away this weekend, and maybe freezing some.

Broad Bean Harvest

First Harvest

The blackfly has spread a bit but only on one or two plants so far:

Blackfly on Broad Beans

Blackfly on Broad Beans

Simultaneously we have courgettes ready, mangetout peas and blackcurrants (we’ve already had the redcurrants and whitecurrants that the birds didn’t get) as well as gooseberries. Some serious harvesting in the next couple of days I think.

Elsewhere, the climbing French beans have baby beans (and blackfly as the pic below shows – I’ve blasted the blackfly this evening with the hosepipe) and I picked the first three tomatoes this evening (a ‘baby’ type). We’ve also had a few strawberries as well.

Climbing French Beans

First Climbing French Beans


As I’ve been busy inside, and the heat has made working in the garden uncomfortable (for those not in the UK, we’ve had temperatures between 25 and 30degC over the last week or so, and looks set to continue) – I’ve had to use the hosepipe in the garden most evenings for the last week. All a bit of a contrast with last years wet summer.

Unfortunately the weeds are growing well also so I’ll have to have a real go at sorting them out next week if I get time. My only excuse is that I have been taking photos of the weeds (wild flowers) for the blog (see this page here) so I’ve been letting them flower – really…


We had a tail-less dunnock around during the spring, and now a tail-less blackbird has appeared – both of them very trusting. I’m still haunted by a robin whenever I work in the garden. We have at least one wren in the garden and one has been singing like mad through the day and mostly staying out of sight as they do, but I did manage a photo recently as it decided to sing in plain view.

Wren in full song

Wren in full song

Noticeable absentees in the garden are butterflies, apart from some cabbage whites I’ve only seen a couple of other butterflies, and they didn’t hang about long enough to be identified. Also, I’ve only seen one honey bee so far.

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