Harvesting Produce

Yesterday I seemed to spend ages just harvesting – and there is more yet.

So I started with the broad beans, and found quite a few, some of which were quite old – but there were plenty enough for a meal. One disappointing aspect was that the dwarf Sutton plants seemed to produce few beans, whereas the long-pod (full height type)  seemed to be more productive.

After the broad beans, then the French beans, both dwarf and climbing – and again enough for a decent meal. The climbing beans are just starting to produce so it was the dwarf beans that produced the most.

The mangetout peas still had plenty to harvest, even after taking a load from them last week – and plenty enough to go with a meal tonight.

The courgettes – several of.

Fruit were the next target, and in particular gooseberries – mostly from one bush and a total of about 3lbs.

harvets of fruit and vegetables

The Harvest

The blackcurrants are ready now as well, but with about 7 bushes to go at, and all laden, it looks like a job for tomorrow and the days after.

Update – picked over 3lbs blackcurrants next day, made 7 jars jam already – more yet to pick!

Oh yes  I evicted 2 more squirrels this week.

Update (Tuesday) – 2 peacock and one comma butterflies on the buddleia today (which has just started to flower) at last – fed up with all the cabbage whites flying around and laying eggs all over the place.

2 responses to “Harvesting Produce

  1. This is all beautiful! I live in London and we struggle trying to produce a large amount of veg but we built some raised beds and grow courgettes in pots. There is nothing more satisfying than the harvest!

  2. Rose
    Thanks for your comment – and I hope your courgettes are producing and you are using them in your recipes on your excellent blog

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