More Wildlife & Harvest

Well I haven’t actually got into the garden today yet but I know there will be mangetout, french beans and courgettes to harvest – plus more blackcurrants (but they might be left to the weekend). Yesterday I collected a small container full of blueberries (photo to follow) plus a couple of raspberries (I’ve only a couple of canes) – mind I had to move the containers with the blueberry bushes in away from the hedge a week or so ago as the birds were snaffling the berries – the biggest I’ve netted but even the two uncovered have retained their ripe berries now they are away from the hedge – not as tempting I guess.

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Blueberries


Also picked a few tomatoes including two ‘beef’ types from the greenhouse and a couple from the bush types outside the kitchen – I think a glut will happen soon though! Also, one cucumber from the ‘covered’ bed.


Harvested as above see pictures below – my wife is now desperately searching for courgette recipes (we still had some left from last weekends harvest as well!) …..

Beans & peas harvest

Beans & peas harvest


Courgette harvest 2nd Aug

Courgette harvest 2nd Aug

As for wildlife – well I counted 5 peacock butterflies on my buddleia yesterday plus a comma so a great improvement on cabbage whites. Still a bit worrying that no other types are around, no red admirals for instance.

Also a whole squadron of cabbage whites were flying round the garden this afternoon – some sort of mating thing I suppose. A dragonfly has been hawking round the garden during the last few days as well

Did I mention it has been hot and sunny recently, too hot in fact with temps of over 30degC in our garden – too hot to be out in really. But we have had some storms and heavy showers to water the garden so it hasn’t been desperate watering every night.

Photos when I sort them out….

2 responses to “More Wildlife & Harvest

  1. Tell your wife to also search for zucchini recipes!! One of my favourite sites is – it turned up over 1000 recipes. Zucchini muffins and breads are wonderful (and freeze well).

    • Thanks for the suggestion – yes plenty of recipes using zucchini as search term. See my recent post for cooking developments with courgettes!

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