It’s Courgette & French Bean Overload!

Yes the harvest just goes on and on – why is it always a glut! Especially courgettes, and they hide as well. One moment you think there aren’t any – then there is a huge one seemingly grown from nowhere…

Well, it got to the point that we were giving away courgettes and searching for courgette recipes. We’ve had some success with recipes, though we’re still not consuming courgettes at he rate the yare being produced. here’s what we (mostly my wife, I did the baking) have cooked:

Courgette & tomato – a sort of side dish, can’t remember where from

Courgette au gratin – (a Delia Smith recipe)

Courgette loaves – (a Mary Berry recipe) – very good, we’re still working through them

Beef & Courgette Layer – (from100 great mince recipes) – we had that tonight

Also, my wife has made some courgette pickle – and it’s pretty good, a bit like piccalilli really.

But – we still have courgettes!

The french beans have also been producing like mad, we still had some left over from last week but today I harvested another pound or so – most are going into the freezer.

We had a second go at the blackcurrants last weekend, and picked around 6 pounds – again these have mostly gone to the freezer as we have enough jam for now!

Meanwhile – I’ve cleared out all the broad bean plants, weeded the bed and I think I’ll try a row or two of mangetout peas, which should come up and produce before the weather gets too cold.

Only the odd tomato or two has ripened so far, but it can’t be long before I’m faced with a tomato glut.

One question – why do tomato seeds survive the composting process. The worry is always that weeds, and especially dandelion will survive, but I keep finding baby tomato plants all over the garden where I’ve used compost – it’s weird.

The weather has settled into a more typical English summer with clouds, sun and showers – not too bad for the garden though.


The only thing of note is that I counted 11 peacock butterflies on my buddleia bush – quite spectacular, but still a bit worrying that it is the only non-cabbage white to be seen.

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